Our Services

  • Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaas) – Enabling Enterprise Mobility

    As an IT manager, one of your main tasks currently is probably to implement a method of enabling the company work force to use mobile devices to access relevant IT systems. There is also a desire to enhance the current IT systems by enabling their use both on-line and off-line through relevant apps running on mobile devices. EnnellTech can provide you with the infrastructure to provide this using our MBaaS service – see more here.

  • ENT Transaction Availability

    The EnnellTech Transaction Availability for Remote Sites (ENT) is a data replication technology which automatically replicates all or part of your data, making it accessible and fully available across the organization. This technology has been tried and tested with the Skypaq and SAP set of products within various industries. In the aviation sector over one million flights have been managed using this technology, enabling the full maintenance and operational dta of modern commercial aircraft, such as the Airbus A350 XWB, to be viewed and managed during flight and on the ground.