Ennelltech Workflow Builder
Task Editor - Inventory

Our expert consultant will design workflows for your requirement.  We know from experience that a flexible software solution is required to manage in-house process and workflows.  Ensure your software will lighten and enhance your worker’s routines rather than add further complications.

Core features include:

Workflow Builder

Components Change
Parts Traceability

Use EnnellTech to validate component prior to replacement / installation

Process Flow

1. Technician opens component replacement form on the scanner (designed to ATA Chapter 17 MaintActionPartReplacement Spec.) at the aircraft or parts store

2. Barcode / RFID Tag scanned or entered manually by technician and sent to EnnellTech Servers

3. Component tracking system validates component data through integration managed by EnnellTech servers and result transferred back to scanner

4. Technician notified at aircraft or parts store whether component is valid