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Ennelltech Mobility Platform

EnnellTech can provide an integrated hardware and software solution using our mobility framework based on MCL Mobility Platform, a specialized MEAP (Mobility Enterprise Application Platform).

MCL is a subsidiary of Panasonic, and the platform is also used by companies such as Blue Yonder, a world leader in supply chain management.

MCL-Mobility Platform combines several aspects that enable a comprehensive management of a company’s device pool as well as their operators.

MCL Mobility Platform
MCL Mobility Platform

Ennelltech Mobility Platform

This image includes all the products and services that, direct or indirectly, help the management of data, devices and operators.

Software On-Line and Off-Line

Moving Towards The Edge

Many places of work are on the edge of mobile network reach.
Our apps allow native capabilities to store, manage and update data locally, enabling  IT developers to implement the right strategy in the app accommodating out-of-range (Wi-Fi or 3G) scenarios.
Applications keep workers up and running, regardless of the state of the wireless network.
Using this framework, apps can transparently flip between off-line batch and on-line real-time modes based on signal strength — users don’t even know they’ve lost connection.