Typical Challenges

EnnellTech Supply Chain enables

EnnellTech Scanner Recommended - Hardware

TC 77 Smart Touch Computer – Ultra Rugged – Ultimate User Experience

Android for Instant Familiarity

Workers already know how to use an Android device, virtually eliminating training time and adoption curves.

Advanced Touchscreen Technology

Give workers touchscreen simplicity. Screen is easy to read, even in bright sunlight

Super simple data capture – from barcodes to labels and documents

Advanced scanning technology. Expanded working range and wide field of view allow workers to scan barcodes nearer and further away. Capture multiple barcodes on a single label or data on a form.

Full shift power workers can depend on

Delivers up to an impressive 15 hours of power. With Warm Swap mode, swapping batteries is fast and easy.

Complete Cellular network flexibility with single device simplicity

Simultaneous support for two carriers

Support for the latest WIFI enhancement

Improves WIFI range and speed – with less power

Ennelltech Scanner Software

Ennelltech Scanner Software